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Governance and Pay: Ministers and Board Chairmen

With comments from proxy advisers, major institutional investors and shareholder activists questioning Directors’ (particularly Chairmen’s) capacity, to serve on more than three or four Boards for which they will often receive more than $1 million in annual fees, the community should not be aggrieved with the level of reward paid to our Prime Minister, our Premiers or our Ministers.

Dealing with Poor HR Data

Every organisation has data about its people in some form or another.  In some cases, it is just payroll data; in others it is held in spreadsheets; some organisations are even lucky enough to have some form of HR information system (HRIS).

Superannuation Policy in Practice

The Australian on April 14, 2018 reported that Tony Shepherd, a highly respected executive with significant engagement in the private and public sectors and Chairman of the Abbot government’s cost-cutting taskforce, recently questioned whether Federal public servants and politicians should enjoy a 15.4% employer superannuation contribution when other workers receive only 9.5%.