We are where experience and innovation converge./

From Chairmen and Board members requiring insight into governance protocols and emerging market practice to CFOs and HR executives needing to design remuneration strategy which aligns with company objectives, Egan Associates is here to help.


Since 1989, we’ve been helping clients resolve complex challenges in reward, performance management, and related governance matters.


We are proud of our reputation as an innovator and leader across both private and government sectors, increasingly contributing to global reward strategies as Australian entities continue to expand their presence.

We understand the reward and governance challenges faced by our clients./

Our extensive experience combined with our clear-thinking has enabled us to provide advice to major public companies, government entities, international subsidiaries, start-ups and partnerships across all market sectors.


Known for our independence, we are also sensitive to the nuances of past and foreshadowed change and the impact of these on reward and performance initiatives.  But more than that, we truly understand our clients and the industry and economic space they occupy.  Our advice is unbiased, tailored and specific, not just a rehash of previous work.


Our operating model means that projects are always run by seasoned professionals who are known and trusted.