From Chairmen and Board members requiring guidance on governance issues to executives seeking guidance on remuneration strategy which aligns with company objectives, Egan Associates are here to help.


Since our establishment in 1989, Egan Associates have been one of Australia’s leading advisers to Boards, Board Remuneration Committee Chairs, CEOs, CFOs and Principal HR executives, and have helped clients resolve complex remuneration and related governance issues.


Over the decades, challenges confronting clients have been diverse and varied.  Market influences, shareholder and other stakeholder activity have been an ongoing dynamic requiring competent and measured consideration.


Egan Associates often work closely with clients’ tax, legal and related specialists.  Our engagements have involved  international organisations and  those with particular expertise in a global region where that expertise is essential in meeting our clients’ information and implementation requirements.

John Egan

Founder and CEO

A management consultant for more than three decades, John is regarded as one of Australia’s foremost experts in remuneration and governance advice.