About Us

A guiding force in remuneration and governance consulting for three decades, Egan Associates is often referred challenges few other advisory firms have the experience, skills or ability to approach with confidence.

Since our establishment, we have provided advice on Director and senior management remuneration to major public companies, government entities, international subsidiaries, private companies, start-ups and partnerships across all market sectors.

Our long-standing engagement in the market has established an enviable presence in research and analytics, drawing on an extensive remuneration database spanning decades of information. A thorough understanding of the underlying data enables us to customise advice and support to meet the specific information requirements of our clients.

Building on our knowledge of organisation structures and remuneration in the private and government sectors, we have developed a comprehensive knowledge base on position documentation for roles across all organisation levels.

Our work in this area has fostered the creation of online human resources solutions for job analysis, job evaluation, competency profiling, internal pay relativity and market-based reward analysis that can be applied across a myriad of occupations in organisations of varying scale. We are also developing an online resource to support Directors in defining Board and committee charters, Director competencies, Board demographics and reward.

Although sensitive to stakeholder expectations, we are never afraid to “tell it how it is”, offering independent, unbiased advice in the best interests of our clients.

Solving problems

Our Team

Our team, led by John Egan, come from diverse professional and corporate backgrounds bringing decades of practical experience and contemporary academic insights to every project they undertake.

Our senior staff are complemented by an experienced research, IT and administration team that provide support for our consulting and online services

Because we do not provide primary advice on legal, tax or accounting issues associated with our services we are independent and free of conflicts of interest.