Director Capabilities

Recent press comment and statements made in response to the Hayne Royal Commission have reinforced observations from investors, proxy advisers and others that Boards need to be more transparent and provide more comprehensive information on their nominations process and Director capability. In  our opinion, a proportion of both favourable and unfavourable comment in relation to… Read More

Board Remuneration Oversight

Initial concerns from the Hayne Royal Commission related to Director engagement in the determination of remuneration policy and, in particular, incentives.  Shareholder focus has since turned to Director’s knowledge of performance outcomes leading to the distribution of incentive payments at all levels of the workforce. Proxy advisers, industry funds and institutional investors have expressed concern… Read More

Issues Impacting on Preparation of Upcoming Annual Reports and 2019 AGMs

Considering some observations made by proxy advisers, institutional investors and researchers pertaining to the 2018 financial year, we believe some key issues for 2019 AGMs will include: The quality and comprehensiveness of disclosures focusing on: Business strategy Financial performance of the year in review Operational performance of the year in review Board composition, renewal and… Read More

New ASX Corporate Governance Guidelines

In late February the ASX released the most recent edition of their Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. We note that the recommendations will take effect for an entity’s first full Financial Year commencing on or after 1 January 2020.  The link above provides you with the ASX’s full advice. The ASX have… Read More

Sector Employment and Pay

Trend monthly employment data in January 2019 indicated that employment increased by 24,900  with the number of unemployed increasing by 1,800 though the unemployment rate remained steady at 5.1% as did the under employment rate at 8.3% and the under utilisation rate at 13.3%. Revealing a steady state in the employment market, the participation rate… Read More