the eaIQ suite of products comprise four modules which operate either as powerful stand-alone modules or in integrated, seamless combination.
The choice is yours!

eaIQ Modules


More than 1,000 customisable PDs at your fingertips


Visualise your workforce


Because the facts matter


Enjoy more "pro" in your process

eaIQ Will Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder

eaIQ captures decades of knowledge, learning and experience in a suite of products designed for HR and remuneration professionals.

Clear, concise, consistent and customisable, our cloud-based technology will propel you to a new level of effectiveness and engagement.

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Define and evaluate positions. Analyse pay.
The easy way./

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of HR or you’ve been immersed in work value and pay for years, eaIQ will be the game changer for you and your organisation.

Position Descriptions

Create PDs using templates or from scratch, accessing more than 1,000 roles and 10,000 accountability statements.

Job Evaluation

Produce consistent, accurate and defensible job evaluations and position grades easily using our proprietary methodology.

Organisation Structures

Visualise organisation structures quickly and easily using our automated and exportable charting tool

Pay Analytics

Unlock powerful analytics to give you insights into your pay and workforce at the click of a button

We know your world. That’s why we created eaIQ/

the latest and most powerful innovation from Egan Associates offering dynamic insights into your company’s workforce and pay.

Capturing more than 30 years’ knowledge, learning and experience in remuneration, eaIQ is a comprehensive online software suite designed to assist management and HR professionals become more effective and efficient.


Describe position accountabilities, design organisation structures, determine a position’s work value and explore pay relativities with ease.


All eaIQ’s modules are hosted in the cloud in Australia and updates are automatic.  So you’re always up-to-date and you have the added peace of mind that your information is secure.

You'll love how easy and intuitive eaIQ is to use

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eaIQ makes it easy to create concise, internally consistent position descriptions.  Your roles, your way!

Whether you’re just starting to build your company’s PD library or you’re adding to an already extensive PD database, eaIQ offers you flexible options to create your PDs.


Choose from more than 1,000 pre-filled templates spanning all job families.  All the content work has been done for you!  These template roles can be used “as is” or easily adapted to your requirements.


Or you may like to choose from more than 10,000 accountability statements and build your own PDs from scratch by simply clicking on the accountability statements that best suit your roles.


Users can also choose a combination of their own accountabilities in conjunction with eaIQ’s accountability statements.


And with a single click you can automatically view and edit organisation charts created from the reporting lines in your PDs.

Turn PDs into a pleasure with smart, customisable templates

from eaIQ’s library of more than 1,000 PDs.  Or create your own PDs quickly and easily drawing from over 10,000 accountability statements.


Welcome to eaIQ’s world where position descriptions automatically generate organisation charts, and changes to reporting structures in position descriptions update organisation charts automatically.


You can also create an organisation chart quickly and easily without even having to create a position description.


Create a box, drop a role title into it and behind the scenes your position description will be created automatically for you to complete when you’re ready.


You can use this amazing feature to create a range of roles that can easily be dragged, dropped or reconfigured while you watch.  The drag-and-drop feature allows you to easily reconfigure reporting relationships in the chart by simply dragging a position to a different line of reporting.  You can see your organisation chart update immediately.


Even better, you don’t have to go and amend your position descriptions to reflect any changes you make in your organisation chart – your position descriptions will be updated immediately too!   No time wasting, no margin for error between your position descriptions and organisation charts.  Just perfect synchronisation.


Perfect for brainstorming, succession planning, restructuring or whatever your organisation might be considering.

Let eaIQ's organisation charts do the thinking for you

Simply create a position description and the organisation chart creates itself with all relationships and reporting lines added automatically – just one of the many features of eaIQ’s Position Description and Organisation Charts module.


Walk through a best-in-class interface with a logical and uncomplicated workflow.


Based on our extensive experience in design and use of points-factor and classification systems, our interface makes the process of job evaluation easy and intuitive.


Familiar yet contemporary, you’ll evaluate positions considering:

  • Knowledge and Experience
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Organisation Complexity
  • Leadership
  • Analysis and Reasoning
  • Position Scale – Financial and Staff Metrics
  • Nature of Accountability and Authority
  • Risk Management
  • Working Conditions


You get a work value score as an outcome which can be aligned with any grading structure or even other job evaluation systems. And the system becomes your online database, accessible anywhere, for comparing, editing and exporting your results. Our intuitive approach to job evaluation makes paper-based evaluations outdated.

We don't just know job evaluation, we've perfected it!

eaIQ’s job evaluation module is powered by the new generation in eJE methodology.  Simple, reliable and resilient saving you and your organisation  time and money.   eaIQ’s eJE module is where experience and innovation converge.


eaIQ knows that facts matter.  Now you can generate clear, logical and objective workforce and pay analytics easily.


Tap into more than sixty different analyses including demographics, gender, location, length of service and job family variances.


Free yourself from the burden of creating countless pivot tables and charts by automating your pay analytics, with outputs so good they can even be used in Board and Executive presentations.


eaIQ’s pay analytics tool provides significant insights into your workforce characteristics by allowing HR/Remuneration practitioners to drill down into job families, gender pay gap, regional differences in pay, and more.


Optimise the value of your payroll and demographic data, then supplement it with benchmark data drawn from remuneration surveys or pay lines.


Pay and workforce analytics have never been easier or more comprehensive.

Gain insights into your organisation you may never have thought possible

eaIQ’s analytics open the door to clear, logical and objective insights into your organisations pay and workforce demographics.  Graphs and charts are customisable for optimum clarity and impact – perfect for reporting and  presentation.


eaIQ will save you time and reward you with the
results you need.


Evaluate jobs with real-time system checks and a 21st century intuitive, easy user interface.


Benefit from new functionality as it is released – in the cloud!


Model your organisation’s structure and outline and
update your PDs simultaneously.


Generate clear, logical and objective workforce and pay analytics.


Produce consistent, accurate and defensible job evaluations and position grades.


Up to sixty different workforce analyses including demograhics, gender, location and job family variances.


Compare job evaluation results, find anomalies at
a glance and export your results as required.


Designed, supported and hosted in Australia – you’re in great hands!

30 years' experience, one integrated solution. eaIQ.

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