Pay Equity

As a Federal election year, 2019 is likely to see ongoing comment on the equity and equality of pay as the two major political parties seek to identify workplace support for policies somewhat different in character.

KMP Report : Improved Wage Outcomes Through Profit Share Innovation and Tax Reform

Issue 22 – February 2018 Contents Wages & Employment Recent Profit Growth Sector Variability Future Profit for Sharing Conclusion Wages & Employment In our January Newsletter we highlighted the workforce setting in Australia with a number of international comparisons regarding recent wage increases. The latest Average Weekly Earnings (AWE), and Wage Price Index (WPI) figures… Read More

The Agenda

Remuneration and governance news

Since 1994, following the recession conditions of the early 90’s, there has been progressive growth in the size of the Australian employment market.  Data released on 16 November 2017 by the ABS reveals that the jobless rate in October has dropped to a five year low.

The Dilemma with Incentive Structures

An important role for the Board Remuneration Committee is to establish clarity with executives and shareholders around the primary levers that would support additional remuneration for key achievements during a Financial Year. What has emerged in recent years are concerns expressed by shareholders around the level of annual incentive payments, the performance criteria supporting incentives,… Read More