The Agenda- December 2017

Remuneration and governance news

Considerable focus has been placed by media, Government and the community in recent months on important economic milestones and trends.  This focus has included issues such as the modest level of wage increases, the increasing cost burden experienced by households, current levels of under-employment, Government proposals and intervention in the energy sector.

The Agenda

Remuneration and governance news

Since 1994, following the recession conditions of the early 90’s, there has been progressive growth in the size of the Australian employment market.  Data released on 16 November 2017 by the ABS reveals that the jobless rate in October has dropped to a five year low.

The Agenda – September 2017

In this month’s agenda, we address a breadth of issues which have arisen from research and/or have received Media attention.  They include recent comment on modest wages growth, improved gender balance on Boards, comment on whether the nation’s workforce and millennials are being prepared for significant technological change and transformation in the work place.

The Agenda – August 2017

CEO salaries unethical! The second annual Governance Institute of Australia Ethics Index shows a continuing gap between Australians’ expectations and perceptions of the ethicality of behaviour in many sectors and industries. Executive pay proved especially troublesome, with 77 per cent of Australians believing a CEO salary of $3 million a year (that is, 50 times… Read More