The Past and the Future

The first Newsletter of the 2018 calendar year provides not only comment on contemporary issues, but also includes comment on the 10 most popular articles over the last 60 editions of our Newsletter and the most widely read Key Management Personnel Reports (KMP Reports) of the past 5 years.
In response to feedback received from our subscribers, we look forward to publishing articles more regularly each month and consolidating those articles in our monthly Newsletter. This will provide our readers not only with comment aligned with events as they occur, but will also enable our readers to look at each month in review.
We also note that the most widely read articles of the last several years were those where we commented on remuneration trends during each reporting period, together with comment on the basis of shareholder voting against a company’s Remuneration Report.
A selection of the most popular articles published between 2013 and 2017 include:

• Eight examples of non-standard incentive schemes

• CEO and CFO fixed remuneration in perspective

• 3 key questions to lift Board performance

• Clarity in Remuneration Reports – Common problem areas

• Discretion guidelines for Remuneration Committees

• The dilemma with incentive structures

• Offering a reasonable remuneration package

• Remuneration value – not the same as accounting cost

• The Board and its Advisor: can their viewing point become a moral dilemma?

Among our most widely read KMP Reports were our annual reviews of Directors’ Fees in Australia and New Zealand and our reports dealing with the emerging perspectives of proxy advisers as they advise their institutional clients on inappropriate remuneration strategies adopted by Australia’s leading listed companies.
The LTI Revolution, published in March 2017, the Rise and Rise of Risk, published in April 2015, and a Board’s Cost of Governance in July 2014, were also widely read and well received.

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