2014: Most Read Articles

It’s been a busy year for us at Egan Associates and we’re sure that you too have been rushed off your feet.

There might not always have been time to open our newsletter and review some of the articles within. Notwithstanding, we’ve been overwhelmed by your support for our monthly analysis. Now is our chance to say thank you for reading.

Hopefully as the year winds down you’ll have a little more time to contemplate the truths of life. If so, you might want to consider tapping into some of the articles and reports you missed. But if not, don’t worry. 2015 is a new year, with fresh commentary and insight to come.

The material our readers liked the most over the last 12 months has been:

Our KMP Reports

  1. KMP Report: Trends for ASX 300 and NZ 50 Boards – Our annual report on Director remuneration levels
  2. 2014 AGM Season Proxy Advisor Views – Our summary of proxy advisor and institutional investor guidelines in time for the AGM season
  3. KMP Report: Work needed to link Pay and Performance – Results from a survey sent out to Directors on the success and repercussions of the two strikes rule
  4. KMP Report: Board Cost of Governance – A comparison of CEO and Director pay levels

Our explainers:

  1. At Risk Reward: The Annual Incentive – The nuts and bolts of annual incentives
  2. At Risk Reward: The Long Term Incentive – The ins and outs of long term incentives
  3. Benchmarks in Conflict – Why remuneration benchmarking is more complicated than it seems and can cause disagreement between the Board and management
  4. Why Companies Offer Sign On Payments – The reasons companies sometimes have to offer executives a carrot to move company
  5. Accurate Disclosure of the Remuneration Structure – A guide to remuneration structure disclosure

Our series on the use of Fair Value to allocate equity for long term incentives:

  1. Fair Value – is it fair? – Our introduction of the issue
  2. Fair Value Analysis Shows Grant Inflation – A look at an ISS Group report matching our views
  3. Remuneration Value not the Same as Accounting Cost – Coverage of a Credit Suisse report
  4. Why Do Companies Use Fair Value? – An examination of the reasons behind the practice

Our data analysis and discussion of trends:

  1. 2013 AGM Season in Review – A summary of last year’s strikes
  2. Pay for Performance in the ASX 100 – Consulting the data on STI grants
  3. Remuneration trends from 2014 Annual Reports – Our first look at the 2014 reports of Australia’s top 50 companies
  4. Infographic: Board Tenure – A snapshot of data on ASX 300 Directors’ length of service

Our commentary on Board issues:

  1. Supercharge your Board – Tips for getting the most out of your Board
  2. Signs a Board Portfolio is too Full – The telltales of an overboarded Director
  3. Board Skills Matrix Adds to Nomination Role – Comment on the increasing importance of the Nomination role given the current focus on Board renewal.

Some of the news items we covered during the year were:

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