The Importance of Independence

The provision of information requires data. The provision of a recommendation requires trust.

The importance of an independent remuneration adviser

First there is trust on the part of the recipient that the provider of the recommendation has the necessary information at hand and a thorough enough understanding of context to be able to translate that information into a recommendation. Second there is trust on the part of the provider that the recommendation will be given the consideration it deserves.

We have no power over the latter, but we can and do work to validate our clients’ trust in our expertise with every assignment.

It is this trust which has driven us to constantly stretch boundaries in the articles that we have been publishing for over three decades on remuneration matters, forecasting trends and occasionally suggesting radical strategies.

The intent of our communications is to offer both a viewing point and occasionally a point of view to stimulate discussion on the diversity of issues surrounding individuals’ engagement in workforce issues at either Board level or an operating level.

This discussion (and not our point of view, however strong) is the force that furthers our understanding of issues in a range of settings, such that we can better assist our clients in customising remuneration and governance solutions to suit their varied competitive and operational circumstances.

And we provide much more than market data. We are confident in our expertise, ready to provide customised recommendations that reflect our clients’ situation at a point of time.

While we are naturally aware of the circumstances that make it more attractive for some to provide information rather than recommendations, we believe in providing our clients with genuine customised advice that gives them the confidence they are on the right path.

There are complexities in providing such recommendations. Our clients evolve, as do the markets they operate in. This may lead to circumstances where our advice in one year will differ from that in subsequent years as we endeavour to respond to issues of the day and often non-recurring challenges.  Making remuneration recommendations is for the brave, not the stubborn.

Yet while our point of view may change to accommodate volatile markets and companies in transition, one thing never does: our independence and the integrity of our judgements.

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