KMP Report No. 21 : Director Fee Data for ASX 300 and NZX 50 Boards

Egan Associates has examined the remuneration of Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) from Australia’s top companies over more than two decades. This report explores trends over the most recent five-year period, including data up to the financial year ending in December 2016.

Key findings from the research include:

  • Fee increases for Chairman have restored ratios between Chairmen and Non-Executive Directors.
  • Median committee fees are higher in 2016 than the previous years. There has also been an increase in the number of committees per company for two of the four ranking groups.
  • In recent years, increases in Non-Executive Director remuneration have outpaced growth in annual CEO remuneration and the wage growth of the average earner. The market has significantly outperformed all wage increases.
  • Growth in NZ Director fees was more moderate this year, although the cumulative growth appears to have provided a greater uplift over a number of years than that experienced by Australian Directors.