Pay Equality

In its recent Report spanning five years of data collection to July 2018, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency observed a decline in the pay gap between males and females employed full time from 24.7% to 21.3%.  The Report also revealed an 8.1% increase in the number of organisations with targeted policies and/or strategies to support gender equality.   Almost three-quarters of employers now embrace such policies and/or strategies compared to two-thirds five years ago.

Information on gender pay equality draws upon the difference between male average full time earnings and female average full time earnings expressed as a percentage of male earnings.  The research, however, does not reflect comparisons of men and women in the same roles.  It is a workforce measure, not a comparative measure holding work value constant and is influenced by male and female participation at all levels across all industries/sectors in the Australian workforce.

In this context, it reflects an aggregate trend which is influenced by male and female participation across all occupations and all industries where sector employment growth is variable and will favour males and females differentially.