Non-Executive Directors’ Remuneration Insights

Non-Executive Directors’ Remuneration Insights

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Egan Associates have chosen to publish our Reward and Governance Insights into Non-Executive Director Remuneration as a service to our many clients and those in the broader Australian and New Zealand marketplace as they review the appropriateness of current fee levels.

We consider our sampling and depth of analysis to be the most comprehensive available at this time as we address reward levels for Chairmen, Non-Executive Directors and Committee Members, having regard to market capitalisation, annual revenue, industry sector and location of corporate headquarters. 

Insights also provides detailed information on fee pools, the size of Boards, the number of Committees, and the frequency of meetings across each of the segments indicated above.

In the wake of the Hayne Royal Commission, Directors (especially those in the financial services sector) are facing increased regulatory scrutiny both in terms of their own remuneration and the extent of their involvement in remuneration decisions and incentive structures relating to senior executives.

Insights represents a highly valuable, single source of information to empower Boards to confidently manage all aspects of their Director compensation.

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