Federal Government Reviews Politicians & Senior Executive Pay

Egan Associates has been commissioned in recent years by the Remuneration Tribunal to review the remuneration levels for the senior executives in all Federal Government Departments and for the Specified Statutory Office Holders.  In the second half of 2011, Egan Associates was commissioned to review the salaries for Federal politicians.  Links to the final reports prepared for the Tribunal are included for your reference.

 “Review of Remuneration for the Office of Secretary Australian Government Departments of State” was delivered to The Remuneration Tribunal in late 2011 and represents an ongoing relationship between John Egan and The Remuneration Tribunal.  John has undertaken a number of similar reviews for the tribunal over the preceding 30 years.

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 “Review of Work Value and Remuneration for Australian Government Specified Statutory Offices” including:

▪       Auditor-General, Australian National Audit Office

▪       Australian Statistician, Australian Bureau of Statistics

▪       Chief of Defence Force, Australian Defence Force

▪       Chief Executive Officer, Australian Customs and Border Protection Service

▪       Commissioner of Taxation, Australian Taxation Office

was also delivered to The Remuneration Tribunal in late 2011.

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 “The Attributes, Role and Reward of a Backbencher in Federal Parliament”

This report formed the basis for the only major review of politician’s pay since that conducted by John Egan in 1988 when Chairman of Cullen Egan Dell, now Mercers.

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